Share to Coda button in Android?

Hi there,

Simple question: I want to share links from my phone to Coda. A web page, a tweet, whatever.

When I press the share button in Android, a launcher comes up that offers me 900 different programs to share to. Top in the list, of course, is Notion, which lets me easily share everything perfectly to whatever Notion page or database I want.

Of all 900 apps, however, one is missing: Coda.

How can I get Coda as an option?
Or is this really not possible?
How do people send things to Coda??

There is a chrome extension for Coda to do this, but not yet something on mobiles.

Thanks Piet,

Coda realllly has to up their mobile game. It’s actually crazy that they’ve been able to burrow into the market as thoroughly as they have without a robust mobile strategy.

Perhaps the new Notion Pack can solve the problem, offer the best of both worlds - will play around.

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