Sharing from Android app to a Coda Doc

We rourtinely research issues from our phones and want to share to our relates Coda project doc.

Notion is usually a “share to” option. Coda generally not.

We know the Chrome extension for desktop users works well. Is there an Android solution?

Hi @Furman_Brown,

I am not an Android user myself so I cannot be certain.

What I would recommend is continuing to use Notion as an intermediary.

You can synchronise a table between Coda and Notion using the Notion pack. More info here:

If anyone else knows of something more native I am sure they will let you know.

Kind regards


Thx Dale. Will shard this with my partner.

Dear Coda Team: Please change this topic to a Feature Suggestion, as from what I have gathered, many users are requesting it

As another Notion user using it both on Desktop and Android, being able to share URLs of articles, pictures, Youtube videos, PDF files, etc. using the native mobile “Share To…” to web clip and article/the content and send it into an app is an essential feature.

In my honest opinion after trying countless other apps/software, the Coda mobile apps are only a “doc browser” at this point, as the clunky UX makes it incredibly painful to try and edit anything from on the go.

As the OP mentioned, Notion, or most other apps will let you share (web-clip) the page/content you are viewing as a code-block, reminder, etc. Other apps, for example Jira, would allow you to share the content as a new Jira task, or Todoist for example would let you share it into the app as a new to-do item.

This is essential to working from mobile as it allows seamless input of content into the selected area of the app.

An example of how this should work would be:

Found a blog article with some images and a video…

  1. “Share to…” select Coda App (As a new item)
  2. Select Base
  3. Select Doc
  4. Select Sub-page (optional)
  5. Select Element (ex. Table “ABC”)
    ┗When selecting a table, consider include options for how to map the scraped properties

This would then open up a menu showing that it has scraped the Title, URL, BlogIcon/Image, and will continue to pull all of the text and embedded images/media (Youtube video embed, etc.).

As someone who would love to use Coda as a Bookmark Manager (Recipes, Personal Knowledge Areas) Read-It-Later (Recipes, etc.), this would be an essential feature.

Please consider this as it would be a HUGE attraction for new clients for your product.


Thanks for the heads up @Tester_Oonio and for adding your feedback! I’ve gone ahead and moved this topic into the Suggestion Box section of the Community.


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