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I am new to coda, i am loving it !!
i need your help with the following
Use case: Have to book speakers for a summit .
I have list of topics i want different speakers to select the topic they are interested in , once selected , their name is populated in the speaker column , it will be closed for other speakers once done . speakers can however create a new topic
is this possible to do using coda ?

certainly possible - do you want to share your work in progress document with community?

Hi Kunal , thanks for your reply, here is the document ,
here is the current status i have achieved

  1. on press of a button on column 2 , the name of user gets populated
    left to achieve
  2. the status of button in place of going red , can change to different state like already assigned
  3. once anyone clicks on the assign button it should disable for others but should remain open for the same user to change selection.

Thanks for sharing @Aman_Dubey

  1. I would suggest you use User() instead of User().Name - and have Column 3 to be of a person type (instead of text) - that way you would get User’s avatar, hover card etc.
    for 2 and 3. for status of the button - you can disable the button once the user is already assigned. here’s the formula to put in disable if field. and still keep it enable for the user

2 and 3. put following formula for text of the label

if(thisRow.[Column 3].IsBlank(), "Assign to me", if(thisRow.[Column 3] = User(), "Release to others", "Already assigned"))
this formula assigns either Assign to me or Release to others or Already assigned (depending on if its blank, if it assigned to someone else or if its assigned to current user)

and put following in disable if

thisRow.[Column 3].IsNotBlank() && thisRow.[Column 3]!=User()

document is here in case if you want to play with it

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Hi Kurnal ,
Thanks, Man!!

you really are a product owner.

BTW as i was trying to understand the formula, I realized the usage of ! and && it almost made me feel like emotional command… I know I am not interpreting right …but its interesting, where can I learn the formula usage in detail with use cases. I have gone through the video training available. where can I find more?