Shopify Pack - Create Variant Button

Hi! I’m running into an issue with the “create a new variant” button from the Shopify pack. Here’s the flow and step 4 is the issue.

  1. Create Product button → returns “product id” and populates it in the product id column. Note that Product id is needed to create a variant. This works great.

  2. I’ve automated the creation of a variant to run right after a product is created - such that the automation bot detects a change to the product id column and uses step 1 results to create a new variant. Works great.

  3. I have 5 variants for the each product so I need the create variant automation to run 5 times pulling from 5 different rows with slightly different information. To accomplish this I created another automation → copy and paste the product id (that was returned from step 1) to the 4 matching rows. This also works.

  4. This is the problem: The automation bot is not detecting a change in the 4 columns that the product id was added to - so I’m only able to create 1 variant per product.

I troubleshooted this by manually copying and pasting the product ID into the other 4 rows. The bot detects the change and runs the automation as it should, which is great. But when step 3 copies and pastes the product ID into the product ID column it doesn’t recognize it as any change.

I also troubleshooted formatting → thinking it was pasting as “text” rather than the expected “number” format. I created a “isnumber()” column and it is coming through as “true” so it is a number.

Any idea why this is happening or how I can fix this?

Hi @natalia_ohanesian,

Unfortunately I do not use the Shopify pack however the main crux of the issues stems from Automation so I hope I can help.

Given what you have described and what I can see from the pack description I have gone ahead and created this solution. I appreciate that it will not match what you have but I hope that it closely emulates it and can provide inspiration.

As mentioned in the doc, I believe what you need is FormulaMap(). Think of it as a loop function. This allows you to provide a list and do something for each item. In this case it is a filtered table but it can be a written list.

More info on this formula can be found here:

I have published the doc so you can make your own copy for testing (automation does not work for previews/play mode). Please access it on this link:

If this is not accurate and you need further help please post screenshots of your existing automations, button formulas, and, if possible, some sanitised screenshots of your tables.

Best wishes


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