Trouble with Shopify locations

Hi guys,

Just a heads up with the new Shopify pack. I’ve been trying to play around with the Inventory Levels template and when I try to updated the inventory I got an error reading:

shopify::AdjustInventory failed - No inventory location could be found with name 340 Brannan St.

I had to jump into the button’s function and change the location update to one of my locations. The template might need to be tweaked.

I’m afraid I’m still having a little trouble with the inventory update buttons in the Shopify pack. When I try to use one of the buttons I get a Shopify::SetInventory failed - Not Found error.

Does anyone know what would cause an error like this? Thanks so much.

It’s hard to say without seeing your doc. Have you checked to make sure everything in the button has been set properly? I might retype each of these to make sure they pick up your columns. The Variant ID is the important one that is used to match with the ID in Shopify.


Thanks BenLee. That seemed to do it. My Variant ID was pulling through the Inventory Level. Thanks so much.

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