How to import Thumbnail images from Shopify

I’m syncing all the inventory from Shopify. Is there any way to fetch the thumbnail images from Shopify? It would really help me understand which product I am updating/editing on Coda.

Hi Yasaswy!

The images are on the Packs sync tables for Variant and for Product. The tables are linked together through references. In this case you should also sync the Variants table. Then you can add a column to the Inventory Items table and write a formula that is essentially Variant.Image. That will say, give me the image for the Variant attribute of this inventory item. The “Variant” attribute is a reference to that other table.

Hope this helps!

Hello Jonathan,

Coda already has access to the Variants api of my Shopify store, if this is what you are referring to. But when I write a formula, it says couldn’t find any table/view. Not really sure if I am looking in the right place. :slight_smile:

Hi Yasaswy!

What I meant was that you should insert a Variants table into Coda just as you did the Inventory Items table. Each of the Coda tables containing your Shopify data is linked together. So while the Inventory Items table doesn’t have the thumbnail image, the Variants table does. And because the tables are linked, you can write a formula in a new column on the Inventory Items tables to refer the image in the Variants tables. Does that make sense?

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