Show objects side by side in two columns using format()


Yep. I’ll wager that someone like @BenLee will see this and use it to demonstrate to the team that all this great work and late nights has paid off - more importantly, we fully understand why Coda is so “uncommonly good”.

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OK @Johg_Ananda @Bill_French

here’s something that could help you render your perfect “formatted narrative”:

Just render SVGs one per row, with all the formatting and layout options you want. You’ll need to prepare those SVGs manually or export from a vector editing app first though.

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ok so now I get to learn how to code SVGs too?!?!

You’re amazing @Paul_Danyliuk thanks for thinking to message me about this!

Hey @Bill_French when you used the tab character " " in your reply, how did ‘get it’? How do you enter it into this site? Tab for me jumps to the next block. What is the shortcut?

You have to find an actual tab character (like in TextMate) copy it, and paste it. :wink: Or use this Chrome extension.

Or use Character(9)

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