Simplifying a Formula

Hi folks! I’m trying to improve my efficiency with formulas, and I wanted to get your thoughts on how I could simplify the formula below (also attached a picture). I’m populating the corresponding “Role Notes” on our Hub for the user’s position. I was able to do it using Switch and Filters.

Switch([Position Name],‘Production Manager’, [Company Roles].Filter(Role=“Production Manager”).[Role Notes],‘Sr. Editor’, [Company Roles].Filter(Role=“Sr. Editor”).[Role Notes],“Managing Partner”,[Company Roles].Filter(Role=“Managing Partner”).[Role Notes],‘Sr. Designer’,[Company Roles].Filter(Role=‘Sr. Designer’).[Role Notes],“Designer”,[Company Roles].Filter(Role=“Designer”).[Role Notes])

Many thanks!

And right after I posted this, I was able to get the same results using this! Definitely a lot shorter

Switch([Position Name],[Position Name], [Company Roles].Filter(Role=[Position Name]).[Role Notes])

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I get the distinct feeling that you should consider the Compose type field. It may offer you even greater simplification to achieve these types of aggregations.