Slicing list into rows


I am having a problem and wondering maybe someone solved it somehow.

I am having a column a table in Coda where one column contains cost type (like IT) and the second column that is multiple choice list, containing names of projects associated with particular cost type. The values in second are manually picked.

In another are I would like to have another table, where column 1 contains Project names and Column 2 cost types associated with the project in separate rows

So Table 1 looks like that:

Cost type | Associated projects
Infrastr | Project1, Project2
IT teams | Project1

And I want Table 2 to look like that:

Project | Cost type
Project1 | Infrastr
Project1 | IT teams
Project2 | Infrastr

Using Filter() or Contains() puts entire lists in a singe row so far.



I posted an answer and then deleted it, because I realized I didn’t actually answer your question. It seems like this might require automation that iterates through the list of cost types per project and then creates a new row for each one. You might be able to do that using Automations (the robot icon on the toolbar).

I’m curious what the business case is for requiring that your second table slice projects into separate rows per cost type. That feels like something that might be more efficiently handled with tables than rows, but it’s hard to say without understanding the use case.

Why do you need this as 2 tables?

You could create a second view.

Would this help too here?