Sold first Coda template

I was curious to verify if Coda templates could be sold as products… Guess what, it’s actually possible since I’ve made my first sales. This might encourage other makers to create more or entrepreneurs to start making prototypes to validate a market.

This is how I’ve marketed the template:

PS.: If by any chance, I’m going against any Coda terms and conditions (I haven’t read them to be honest), I would be OK to stop selling and refund customers. Done this out of pure marketing curiosity.



This is awesome, Jeremy! Giving makers a way to make a living off of Coda is a big aspiration for us so to see you find a way to do that is great to see. Eventually we would love to develop things that make this easier to do.

Would love to continue to hear how this goes for you and also any feedback you might have for things we can do to support this kind of thing.


Thank you!
For the makers looking to make a living out of selling templates would probably be: limit access to users who have purchased it. To me it’s more an experimental project so it’s not the most interesting feature at this point. I would rather want to have better performances (more rows, more stable like Airtable) and forms like Airtable, too.

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@jerols it looks like the template is free, did you change it?

I’m thinking about trying to build out a Coda premium template but seems like it would be hard to gate without people being able to easily share it with others for free and work around the gating once theyve purchased it

Curious if you found a way around this or if there is a feature built into Coda to help with licensing management (or even turning off ability to duplicate on a doc or something) @Jeremy_Corman

Or would you just use something like Gumroad and pray people don’t try to cheat the system?