A simple way to monetize your Coda templates

Howdy Codans :wave:

I’m an indie maker who fell in love with Coda a few months ago. I’ve used it to automate and productize a whole range of workflows for myself. Along the way, I got curious how possible/difficult it would be to monetize some of the doc’s I’d built — since Coda doesn’t yet offer a native way to do this.

Turns out it’s not so hard! I launched my first paid product yesterday and thought I’d share my approach. You can check out what I built here and then pull back the curtain to see how I’m monetizing it with the tutorials below.

How to monetize your Coda doc’s with Zapier and Stripe Payment Links

How to create a simple referral system with Zapier and Phantom Busters

You can access the Zapier templates used in these videos here and here. Would love to hear your thoughts! If you like what I’m doing, make friends with me on the Tweeter-Twatter (@TSStrickland1)





Nice videos.

After you’ve run a few weeks of transaction volume through that workflow, I’d been interested to read an update to this post on ‘lessons learned.’

Thanks for sharing this.


Thanks for the comment! Here’s hoping I get some transaction volume, and I’ll gladly post an update :joy: Do you anticipate any flaws in this approach?

I don’t anticipate any flaws, but I don’t have time to think about it at the moment, which is why I was hoping for an update! :grinning:

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That’s a pretty neat solution!
Hope you get to sell a lot to tell us how it went!

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One flaw I can personally see: Stripe isn’t global. I cannot sell templates through Stripe, for example.

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This is really cool! Nice work @TSStrickand1

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Thanks so much! Glad you found it interesting.

Thanks! That’s definitely something to consider.

This sounds like a great solution, but I don’t understand how you copy the doc and share as an automation within Coda
Is this contained in the Zap info? Or in Coda?


So you can do this within Coda using the actions that are bundled with the “Coda Doc List” pack. @Alan_Jordan


Wanted to post an update on this thread. I launched a new, paid Coda template today that implements a slightly different monetization mechanic — embedding a Tally.so payment form directly in the doc itself. Check out the below post for more details:


(still cries in no Stripe)

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I know this is an old thread but which payment system would you suggest for international payments?