The Life OS: A strategic planning framework built on Coda

Howdy Codans :wave:

I’ve posted here in the past with my thoughts on monetizing Coda templates using Zapier and Stripe Payment Links.

Today, I launched a new paid Coda template which implements a slightly different monetization mechanic. For this project — a strategic planning template — I used one of my other favorite no-code tools — — to embed a payment form directly within the Coda document itself, allowing for an even more seamless checkout experience.

I thought I’d share for the good of the order. If you’re interested in a more in-depth tutorial, let me know in the comments, and I might just record one over the holiday! In the interim, check out the project over on Product Hunt and, if you could use some help with your new year planning, consider snagging a copy for yourself.

Happy Building!




well done indeed on several levels…

first, it looks like a great life operating system

second, it is a great coda document/app

and third, the integration of the payment system is indeed a seamless experience



how did you do it?



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Thank you, sir :pray: I made a quick little tutorial over in the Codex community explaining my approach. Hope it’s useful!

Nice work @TSStrickand1! Inspired by your approach. About how long have you been using this process and what have you found works well (and what not so well?)

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Congratulations on the launch, @TSStrickand1 ! Just purchased my copy and excited to unravel the doc’s setup!

Really appreciate you taking the time to create the detailed Loom tutorial as well!


Hi Connor! This is actually my first time using Tally to monetize a Coda template. My favorite things about combining these tools are the ability to pass dynamic data into a form via Coda formulas and the ability to embed a payment form directly in a Coda doc. That said, since this method relies on Zapier and automations, I’d say it’s critical to always fully test-drive your implementation. (I made some changes to my setup over the weekend, didn’t test-drive them fully enough and introduced a bug that delayed sharing of a template with a buyer.)

Thank you, Nina! Sent you a DM on Twitter, but let me know if you need any help with anything. Happy to also share a copy of the template sales dashboard setup I use, if that interests you. :beers:

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Very cool to learn. It will be exciting when Coda offers template purchases natively!


i’m looking in the codex document but i dont see a tutorial on ‘the life os’ - where do i find it?


Agreed. Should be many more options available via Packs soon.

Sorry about that. Was tucked away under the related post. See below:

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Thanks for reaching out via DM, all well received and excited to dig in! Absolutely, would love to learn how you set up the sales dashboard, whenever you’re ready to share. Thanks a lot, appreciate it!

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