Solopreneurs and or Freelancers: How are you using Coda?

Pretty excited discovering this tool.

So, what uses are you currently using it for? (Go full geek about it)

Also, what niche are you in? How does Coda help you run better your business?

Myself I am teaching sales and manual lead generation skills for fellow solopreneurs

Happy to hear from you!


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Hi Joeh,

Welcome to Coda!

How long is a piece of string? :wink:

Coda on its own is extremely versatile, adding integration through the packs and Zapier, makes it even more so.

I have a website in Coda, stopped adding to my blog though, but also have two different methods of planning (sort of evolved) as well as a tool to gather requirements for software (or other developments).

And I am fast on my way to replacing Roam Research with Coda. (What I get in Coda is certainly not the same, but good enough for my purposes.)

More here:

What areas do you think it could help you?


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When it comes to Roam replacements, I highly recommend It’s amazing.

I actually love Roam for a personal use!!! It is my base app.

Regarding Coda, I want to use it to stop needing to use Notion, GDocs & GSheets.

I would love to use Coda as a full time replacement and use it to track my clients progress (like a spreadsheet) and having it all together inside one doc (in Notion in can look messy since everything is a page inside a page)

Also would love to use as my writing tool and lead magnets and freebies I might offer, though I need to test this. Almost everyone in my arena uses GDocs for this.

So far, that is what I am aiming for but I feel more uses will become available once I master formulas and tables.


I tried Notion before I found Coda, and then found Roam. With my first serious attempt at tables and linking, I decided to drop notion. And I thought I would use Coda and Roam in parallel, but recently I have been using Coda exclusively. I also replicated much of the Notion page idea in Coda.

If you’re interested, I have some examples of integrating between Coda and Google Docs and Google Slides here and an example of simulating the Notion page idea in Coda here.

Feel free to ask more specific questions, there are alwaus a few people around the community willing to chip in.



Fellow solopreneur here, just now looking into Coda. Wondering how this experiment has worked out for you so far?

I’m looking to add my contacts and organizations into two databases. I’m a B2C rather than B2B so there’s only a slight overlap between those two databases (vendors, etc). I’d also like to keep my client projects, marketing, and blogging projects under one roof. Right now I’m using a CRM + Google Docs + Freecamp but I’d like to centralize everything into one app with Google as my plumbing, so to speak. Seems like a pretty simple set of requirements compared to some of the complex Coda Docs I see but it’s still a huge move for me.

I appreciate @Piet_Strydom 's contributions as well and hope to hear some more feedback about how fellow solos are utilizing Coda. Thanks!