Sort() on list column rather than Filter() result?

Filter().Sort() yields the desired sort result.

[Column] with Filter() statement.
[Column].Sort() yields a different result than the COMBINED STATEMENT.

What am I missing in the SEPARATE STATEMENTS attempt? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What’s happening is that the alpha parameter on PART 2 is defaulting to thisRow.alpha instead of currentValue.alpha.

So that should be straightforward. But here’s the funny part: if you type currentValue.alpha, you’ll see it returns the full alpha column. This is because somehow currentValue is being evaluated to the full colors2 table. wtf?

tldr; a bug, I think

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I had tried both thisRow.alpha & currentValue.alpha – this was the first time that I’ve noticed both contexts offered in the code-complete.

I didn’t notice that currentValue was evaluating to the table, but upon closer read of the prompt in the formula editor that does appear to be the case.

Thanks for having a look. :sunglasses:

Hi Ander,

Thanks for the report. Unfortunately the column parameter of sort only works today if the input at the start of a chain is a table. This makes more sense when your input is a list of numbers or words, but gets particularly confusing when the input is a list of atReferences. We should totally make this work, but sadly isn’t the case today.


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