Sorting bug instring?

I was testing some sorting and came to an unexpected behaviour.
I have a column with a formula concatenating the other columns, where I have numbers, letters and separators. The result is something “0.0”, “0.0.1”, “0.0.2”, “0.0.2w1”, “0.1”, “1.0”, etc. and this should be the ascending order. Unexpectedly, the order is “0.0”, “0.1”, “1.0”, “0.0.1”, “0.0.2”, “0.0.2w1”.
Even when I put the concatenate formula inside a ToText( ) and all the columns are set to text, the string with a single dot is always read as a decimal number.

Dear @nsgma,

A dummy document would benefit to make clear the logic in your document, as sorting on these more complex combinations need an approach to follow certain rules by digit/symbol to distinguish the right sorting order.

For your kind reference I recommend this post to get an idea what I am talking about:

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