Sorting Tables After Publishing

My doc is mostly a bunch of tables. If I access the published version of my doc, I cannot sort these tables. This seems a little odd to me. Is there any way around it?

In what mode is your doc published?

The purpose of published docs is to view and interact as opposed to build normally - so any building activities may be harder to do or inaccesible in a published document (such as filtering a table in its options, sorting a table in the table options, adding columns, adding pages, etc)

If you want an interactive document to be sorted by the current viewer in different ways though, you can use buttons that change values in a table column that end up changing the way in which that table is sorted

Tell us more about your use case! Iā€™m sure we can assist!

It is published in edit mode. I just want current user to be able to sort by any column they wish.

Here is the answer:

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