Splitting data from one row into many rows

Hello! I am on the brink of solving this problem after trying to work with ForEach for so long and I think at this point I need some help.

I have this client data in the top table that I would like to split into the rows in the bottom table, and the dataset needs to change based on the selector. Any advice here? I feel like I’m SOCLOSE to solving this on my own but I just can’t figure out this last bit to split it into the rows.

If you would like to play around with it, here’s a test doc I put together.

Hi heather,

I went in there and changed the formula to the following:

[TEST Client Data].Lookup([Selector Reference],[TEST selector]).[Test Results].Split(",").Nth(thisRow.id)

Can you check and see if this is providing the desired results?

Yes @Billy_Jackson, this is exactly what I was trying to do. You solution is much simpler than I was making it happen in my head. Thank you for your help!

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