Static text & dividers on external forms

I don’t believe there’s a way to achieve this at the moment, it would be useful to be able to add static headers, descriptions and dividers to external form pages to organise forms, create sections and add context to them.

I know we can add per-field descriptions but I’d like to be able to drop in static content in between fields.

You can totally do it!

Here’s a form I built for a client recently with a large divider made of an image and static text

You simply have to make columns that are formulas that directly contain the information you want. What I mean by “directly” is you shouldn’t reference other parts of your document as forms are disconnected (for the most part) from your documents data

heres a quick video that runs you through how to add images to your forms


That’s a nice workaround, thanks @Scott_Collier-Weir!

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