How to insert Headings or Text in forms?

I am creating a form and I want to create different sections of the form so that users can more easily navigate it. Is there a way to do this? Can I insert just text without requiring input from the user?

Unfortunately, I don’t think the current Forms product allows you to insert text headers that don’t require some kind of input.

The closest alternative I’ve found in Coda is just creating my own custom ‘form’ in a Doc (using submit button to log result) - see example screenshot below:

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Hey @paul_p and @Nick_Linck !

You actually are able to insert headings, images, text, etc into a form! Heres part of a form I recently built for a client

What you need to know is that forms, by design, are disconnected from the rest of the information in your doc (aside from lookup columns if you choose to include those)

Therefore, in order to get an image or text into a form, you have to “hard-code” it into a text field. Here is the formula I used to get the header you see in the above image

I actually just posted a youtube tutorial on how to get images into forms! You can find that right here

And if you want to dive deeper into forms and provide more complex forms and inputs, you can see how I did that here:

Let me know if you have any more questions on forms! I live inside Coda forms and have done some wacko stuff with them.


@Scott_Collier-Weir this is cool! It strikes me that one big unlock here from your message above is hacking the image input!

Especially if I don’t want to actually add an image, this still looks pretty decent (just using whitespace from image field, spacing isn’t great but works okay for adding text I think):

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