Stocks pack returning error

Anyone else seeing the Stocks pack refusing to work? It seems it started this morning or maybe yesterday. It gives an error saying I don’t have permission to view the data. But I am the doc creator and the Stocks pack doesn’t need any user info. It has worked perfectly until yesterday/today. It seems completely broken.

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Yes, me too…first noticed it yesterday (Saturday) but that’s the first time I have needed to access it in awhile. Glad it’s not just me…so I can stop trying to fix it!

Glad it’s not just me. I submitted a ticket to Coda. Hopefully, they fix it Monday.

probably nothing to do with this case. but the daylight saving time diffetence between US and the rest of the world changed this weekend.

many years,ago i had a very strange bug that turned out to be caused by this once-a-year scenario.

but probably not this time :wink:


Yeah DST can cause lots of problems! I hope we ditch it soon.

Seems to be back up and running today.


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