Stop unfurling of links in messages posted to Slack

I have a use case where I’m taking a list of Jira issues and formatting a message to be sent to Slack containing links to the Jira issues formatted as a link that Slack will subsequently link with a title for the URL using its Markdown-esque syntax (e.g. “|PROJECT-1000”).

Slack “unfurls” these links, which essentially means showing preview content that is generated from the link under the message content containing the link(s).

I’d like to avoid that behaviour and Slack’s messaging API provides the ability to prevent unfurling in calls to the Slack API (see for details). Is there a way to do this in Coda currently? Slack does provide the ability to disable unfurling for specific domains, which would solve this problem to an extent, but I’d prefer to unfurl the links in other instances, so my preference would be to do this through Coda instead.

Has anyone been in a similar situation and found a solution to this?