Stumped on formula!

I have a table called Hitlist Database.
Within this larger table I have four fields called “Symbol” and “Sunday Hitlist” and “Source” and “Assessment”.
On one view of the table, I am trying to add a column that shows me:
Last five values for “Symbol” (based on dates in “Sunday Hitlist”) from “Assessment” when “Source”=“Sunday Assessment”.
I think I am struggling because often on the current row, three of these four fields are blank, only “Symbol” as the display column will always have a value.
I am a novice when it comes to formulas…mostly I try to cut and paste from the formulas I already have and can usually figure out how to get what I want. But this one has me stumped.
Any suggestions you can offer will be gratefully appreciated!

Hi @Gregg_Stebben
I quickly created this example

Considering your category and date, you can use Rank() function to rank date according to type

And then we can use this formula inside a canvas to get only 5 first item according to dates.

Does that help ?



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