Subtable filter with contains ... instead of matches


I have two tables:

  • Organizations
  • Log Entries (with a lookup column to Organizations, allowing multiple organizations)
    So one log entry can be for one or many organizations.

In my Organization view, I have a subtable. It lists all the log entries there are for the selected organization.

Problem: the filter of the subtable is auto generated and it uses matches instead of contains. The result is that log entries that exists for Org A and Org B are not shown in the subtable.

How can I resolve this? I’d like to show any log entries that contains the selected organization in the subtable.

Many thanks for your help!

Best, Koen

Solved it… instead of pulling the log entries into the organizations table with:

[Log Entries].filter(Organization=thisRow)

I had to do it with:

[Log Entries].filter(thisRow.Contains(Organization))


This was exactly what I was looking to achieve also.
Thank you for posting! :grinning: