Sum function failure when table is grouped


I have a table view that has entries grouped by week. The original table contains timesheets for all employees, whereas the view is filtered by the current user. The sum function (part of Summarise) was working for months without error, displaying the total hours per day. Recently the sum function has stopped working, showing as 0 in all columns. However, when I remove the Group by ‘Week Beginning’ the sum function starts working again.

It should look like the top view (with daily totals shown). However, the summarise totals at the bottom of the table are showing as 0 (like the bottom view).

Removing the grouping by ‘Week Beginning’ fixes the problem, but as soon as the page is refreshed the error returns.

I tried rebuilding the view from scratch and deleted the original, but the new view has the same bug. Other views of the same table within the same doc uses the sum function without error, so it doesn’t seem to be an issue with the original table.

Any advice would be welcomed.


Currently experiencing this same issue with table views, the base table shows the correct sum but the table view calculates to zero

Hey @Simon_Boxsell and @Juan_Rey1 ,

Thanks for phoning this one in to us!
Great news! Our amazing engineering team just pushed an update to prod to address this bug :bug:, so things should be resolved now.
Can you give it another shot, and please let us know if you run into any issues? You might need to give the pages a refresh.



Fixed for me! thanks for the quick turn around!

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