Summary of an ungrouped column in grouped column view


When I group 3 of 4 columns as a group and sub group and summarise the 4th column for sum, I’m shown summary at the subgroup level. Is it possible to see this at a group level?

To elaborate, if the 1st column is expense category (group, left) and 2nd column is expense name (sub group, left) and the 3rd column is month (group, top), then is there a way to see sum summary of 4th column, amount, at 1st column’s group level rather than 2nd column’s group level as it is showing now?

Thank you in advance for your help


Hello @Ashutosh_Mahindru ,

The summarization always (and logically) takes place at the last level of grouping.

For what you want to do are (at least) two solutions:

  1. make a view of your table, group it on the first column, hide everything other than the amount column, group on the first column and summarize.

  2. put a formula on the canvas and calculate the numbers yourself, something like this:

(where the table name is Expenses, the grouping column is ExpenseType and the numbers are in the amount column.

The last line of the formula (split and join) is to make it look a little bit better.

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Thank you Joost! Grateful

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