Summarize Grouped Columns?

Is it possible to show a total below a group column?

Eg: If I group a column along the top by dates, I want to show a total (sum) at the bottom of the numbers in those grouped columns.

Hello @Jeff_Hedlund!
You can summarize groups by right clicking the column header and selecting Summarize and then
Sum to get the total.

Hello @Jeff_Hedlund ,
What Saul says is correct, but you need to do some other things to if you want this to make some sense when you are done. Horizontal grouping with dates makes for a mess, because a year has 365 dates and a lot of those might occur in your raw data. So add a column to make an identifier for the month (or week numbers or whatever works for you, right click on the column and go for grouping and then horizontal grouping.
You only have to implement Summarize once - it will work for all the grouped columns.
I made you a sample to look at (or copy) - you will see a bit of extra code for the months, because I wanted to keep the months in chronological order. I have one table with the raw data (you could hide the month field if you are going to copy and paste your data in the table and a view with the grouping and (sub)totals.

Succes, greetings, Joost

Hi @Saul_Garcia ,

Thank you for the response. I tried that but nothing shows up when I select the sum.

Here’s a test doc to show it not working:

Hi @joost_mineur ,

Thanks! I didn’t see your reply until I replied to Saul.

I see what I have different: I am also grouping on the left. So when I try to Sum on the amount, it sums for each group on the left but I really want it on the bottom for the entire date.

Maybe not possible to do what I want? (my linked doc above shows what I’m trying to do)


Hello @Jeff_Hedlund ,
I was confused by your remark about grouping on top, but I added another view with grouping on the left and (sub)totals for the amounts (same doc as shared a couple of minutes ago).
You can also take the totals out of the table with on-grid formulas, but that is a bit more work.
If you want something else you should share a (dummy) worksheet so we can see what it is that you need.

I see what you are trying to do, unfortunately it is not possible to show it as you want while grouping horizontally and vertically with the summarize function.
What you can do instead is create a column and calculate this value for each row and then group this value. I changed the file to show you how.
The problem with this approach is that, the more data you add it will degrade performance fast.

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