Sum values month by month

Hi to everyone,
I’m trying to sum all positive deals of the month but I don’t know how.
Can you help me out?
I would sum every deal of October where its status is “won”.
I have a deals table where every deal has 4 parameters: a name, a date, a value and a status (“won” or “lost”).
What formula do you suggest me to use?
Thank a lot!

Hey @Alessandro_Scaltritti, here is an example of how to do that.

The formula filters the table “deals” by two factors: is the same month as today AND is the status ‘won’. After the filter it takes the ‘value’ column and sums it up.

Deals.Filter(Date.Month() = Today().Month() and Status ="won").Value.Sum()

Does this help you?


Dear @Alessandro_Scaltritti,

Next to the great example of Daniel, who is one of the community members that has explained me a lot about all kind of formulas / filters, I recommend you to watch the “formula fitness video”, where the ins and outs in detail are explained.


OK, the formula works and I understand it.
When I have to create a formula from scratch I’m still confused by syntax, so the YouTube tutorial is priceless.
Thanks a lot to everyone! :hugs: