Sync all Calendars at once (Google Calendar-Pack)


every time I want to sync GCal events from different GCal calendars into a table, I have to add a Sync for each calendar. Is there any option to say “Just sync all calendars”?
I do not want to add a ton of syncs for every single calendar…

Here is my issue - for every calendar a sync:

And here is what I want - One Sync for all calendars:

I hope somebody can help me and give me more clarity about this issue.


Hi Jannis,

Currently this is not possible, but we’ve added this to our feature request tracker which our product team regularly reviews. If the feature ever does get built we will make sure to notify you. I hope you have an amazing rest of your day :smile:


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Hi @Luis_Curiel,

okay, thanks for the info.


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