Having multiple calendars sync into one consolidated one

  1. Context:
    1.1 We manage multiple projects, each one of them with its own calendar of events (specific to that project and independent from the other projects)
    1.2 Each project-specific calendar is on a different project-specific doc
    1.3 Events can be of different “types” (color-coded for easier viewing)

  2. Problem(s):
    2.1 We need a consolidated view of calendars (a “master calendar”) that is kept synced with all project-specific calendars. Syncing is one-way: changes would be made only on the project-specific calendar and that change needs to be updated on the master calendar. No real-time required for syncing - end of day syncing is fine
    2.2 The master calendar should keep info on event type and which project the event is for
    2.3 We need to be able to keep adding more projects to sync the calendar with

I am thinking of using cross-docs and automation to push changes (add/modify rows) to a master table for 2.1 and 2.2. I am not completely sure how I will handle events beind added or deleted, so it will be trial and error as it often is…
For 2.3 I am guessing that the push info logic gets copied from the project calendar template used to create a new doc for the new project and no changes on the receiving end (the master calendar) will be needed.

Any better ideas to do that?

Hey there! I think the process you outlined with cross-doc actions sounds like your best bet here since the base calendars for each project are located in separate docs. I’d say give it a shot and see how it goes! If you run into issue in the process, feel free to start a conversation with the support team and we’ll be happy to help get you unstuck!

Thanks Nicole. I had a few issues with the Outlook Calendar Pack that were promptly addressed by the Pack maker (shout out to @Johannes_Klampfl for his responsiveness!). Will let you know if it works out as intended…

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