Calendar with dates in multiple columns

Hey Hive Mind,

I’m confused on how to incorporate dates from multiple columns into a single calendar.

I run multiple projects and each has a few different key dates I need to track and I would like to have them all added to a single calendar. I understand that to get a proper calendar view of all of them, I needed to create a single table with all included dates.

What I need:
I need the ability to add these specific dates to the project view, and then have those dates automatically added to the table of all dates so that I can create a calendar view.

I am not completely sure that I understand what you are doing, but I think your Projects table should be a bit different.

You can copy the doc to se the formula for the Calendar text and I altered the display column

Any new appointment will show.

You can make dedicated views of the master table so every project has its own view and hide the master table somewhere (or collapse it). The calendar will still show all the appointments.

@joost_mineur, thanks for the reply. The key to what I’m trying to accomplish is to be able to add the dates I want to track directly into their unique rows inside the table.

I have a table of all projects. Inside this table, each row is a unique project that contains all the details under different columns. I will be tracking at least 7 unique dates for each project in it’s row. Each date corresponds to a different event which I have used as the name of the column.

Ultimately, I want the all of these unique dates from different columns, for every project (row) to show up on 1 calendar for tracking, and possibly a Gantt chart.

I hope that made it a bit more clear.

OK - now I understand. I think this can only be done with ‘helper’ tables - but I can’t come up with an immediate solution. There are some really smart people in this community that usually respond pretty quick - maybe you are asking for something that is not that easy to accomplish.

Dear @Tommy_Jedrzejczyk,

Just to be clear, I don’t have time yet to play around, but have a feeling that this post from Paul could be helpful.