Sync to (or view) iOS reminders?

Hi there! I’m trying to create a life wiki kind of doc to help me keep track of all my random life stuff - from daily tasks to larger to dos and projects.

I have a “tasks” table in Coda to help me keep track of my tasks, but I also like to use the Reminders app on my iPhone, especially for small tasks I think of while I’m up and about, as it’s just easier to interact with quickly.

Ask: Is there any way to have the tasks in my iOS Reminders list sync with my Coda table, or at least be displayed in my Coda doc?

Ideally I’d love to have a 2-way sync where I can update (e.g. create new task, mark as done) in either app and have it reflected in the other, but even being able to show both lists side by side would be helpful.

Hi @Robin, This is a great idea! You can take a look at the following pack to see if this will help you build what you are looking for! It’s from one of our amazing creators! Google Tasks Pack, extend Coda with Google Tasks | Coda

Hope that helps! Best, Dan

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Thanks for the answer, it was really helpful.

Thanks! Is there some way to do the same but with the built in Reminders on iPhone? I’ve got my tasks set up there and it seems some features I use aren’t available in the google version unfortunately.

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