Table appears automatically with the names from the other table


I was wondering if there is a way to have a view of a table show up automatically with the names of the other table but all the other information as blank?

I have to take class assistance but the way I have it set up it does not work on the app, because I have it as “add row” which doesn’t appear on the app.

I just want the names of the table LISTADO ALUMNOS PARTICIPANTES to appear in another table every time I change the date of the input.

Does anyone know how?



If I understand your question correctly, you can achieve it as follows. Copy the table, and you will then receive the option whether to copy the table with or without the entries/ rows.


Hi Piet! how are you?

Thank you for answering my question, but I have some doubts still.

If I do that how can that table still add rows to another table and still keep the same names for another day once it is selected?

Could you give a more detailed explanation of what you are looking for? Unfortunately I am not following.


Hi Piet! thanks so much for writing back, I found a way around it by creating several buttons that refreshed the whole table.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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