Autopopulate Table1 Rows from Table2

I went through the Schema Design Guide and decided to use the Star or Multidimensional schema to build my doc. I now have 4 Tables Where Table 1 will be a running list of clients. Table 2 should be clients I visit and related details, etc. I would like to automatically add rows to Table1 when I add a row to Table 2, Table 3, or Table 4. I can’t seem to make this happen. additionally, I already have some data in tables 2-4 and would like to auto import these into table 1.

When I couldn’t make this happen. I tried a different approach. I creates a Master Table and tried to create Views 2-4 appear as what Tables 2-4 previously appeared. The problem was that I had “add new row” buttons for Tables 2 - 4, which were great because they acted as forms to input client data. The problem with using one table and creating views was that the “add new row” button now showed all Master Table attributes including irrelevant attributes to View 1 and no obvious way to eliminate these from the button.