Table View that references other Tables


I have a table of clubs that meets on specific days of the month, most of them at least twice a month. Let’s call it “Club List”.

E.g. a club that meets on 2nd Thursdays and 4th Thursdays is represented in the table as:
Club Name | 1st Meeting’s Week | 1st Meeting’s Weekday | 2nd Meeting’s Week | 2nd Meeting’s Weekday

testclubname | 2 | Thursday | 4 | Thursday

I have a seperate table that figures out today’s week of the month and the day of the month. Let’s call this table “Today”
(In case you can’t view it, the table looks like:

Today | Week of Month | Day
8/22/2019 | 4 | Thursday

So I’d like to set up a table view for “Club List” that displays the subset of clubs that matches the data
Week of Month AND the Day in “Today”… in both the 1st Meeting and the 2nd Meeting.

I’m having trouble with just comparing the values of “1st Meeting’s Week” and “Week of Month”, not to mention also comparing it with “2nd Meeting’s Week” and “Week of Month”. I was thinking if I should simplify it by having multiple entries (e.g. a club that meets twice a month on different weeks and days of the month would have multilpe entries)

A screenshot of Club List

That would be the first step (you can then group by Club name)
The filter should be: [meeting week] = [today].[week of month] AND [meeting’s weekday] = [today].[day]

*I’m on mobile right now so I can’t check it