Taking Reporting OUTSIDE of Coda Solutions?

Hi, does anyone have a particular reporting solution I’m starting to look into?

So the problem is I have multiple tables that are linked together, and I’m trying to get outside of Coda reporting (no offense to the codans, but I just want something more customizeable that works for multiple tables)

I was thinking of exporting all the data into a giant piece of text and then creating some kind of web app interpreter that would spit out visualizations based on the text that’s pasted.

There are some obvious limitations I can think of with a Coda cell, so initial solution for now is to create a script that would go through each table/each row and format it as some kind of json appended text.

Can anyone help or give some suggestions? Thanks

If you have a few examples of what the target “reporting” output will be, it will make it easier for someone to advise.

Coda is able to do this sort of aggregation in CFL, and at the very worst, in a very simple Pack. Coda is also able to call into QuickChart to generate tables and visuals instantly, this making it seem like the entire reporting solution is seamlessly integrated.

Depending on the requirements, I see no significant limitations - a cell can be a canvas loaded with multiple diverse reporting widgets. A cell can contain aggregations in the form of JSON data from many tables, rows, and columns. I’m speaking without the benefit of the requirements that exist in your mind, of course.

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Quickcharts is a good find, I think exactly what I’m looking for with their API

So now I just gotta format the text in the script formatter so it works with Quickcharts :slight_smile:

To be clear, there is a QuickChart Pack that allows you to create those charts using Coda formulas:


You can do it with the pack as @Eric_Koleda mentioned, or you can construct TEMPLATES on quick chart, and then simply format a URL using normal Coda formulas to create graphs and charts.

No actual API work or development needed

You just use the Embed() formula on the URL you create using Codas Format() formula


It would be really cool if could do that with a embedded Coda doc. Maybe using placeholders.

Yessssss. Like a full page embed yeah?

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