Task sizing column?

Hi, does anyone know how to make a column (or otherwise) for team members to vote on how big they think a task is?

Maybe you can get started with the ‘Topic Voting’ template and go from there?

Thanks tried that but still has the problem of only having one column. I wish it was easy to duplicate columns or copy formulae, I’m guessing your thought is that I have 3 columns, one for each size I want people to vote on?

You have the curse of knowledge, I have no idea what you mean by ‘your thought is that I have 3 columns’ … I have no concept of any columns.

Okay, I want people to vote on “Small”, “Medium” or “Large”. Based on the suggestion the only way I could see it working is if I had an upvote for each size option, thus requiring a separate column for each size.

@Jonathan_Richardson Yes that looks like it would work! Good luck

Thanks, not ideal but better than nothing

The other way is to have a table where you collect each vote as a row … but that will embiggen your doc. More rows or more columns?? :slight_smile: