Team task with client feedback

Hi everyone,

I’m curious if there’s any updates on the best method for doing the following:

Team Task Architecture
We have a table that lists all current tasks. Each task is a row with information on the project it’s assigned to, the sprint, the assignee, the priority, detailed description, optional screenshot and it’s status. This works well internally as all team members can filter this table to their own assigned tasks and then update as needed. We also pull this task table into internal pages for each project and create a view of only that project’s tasks. So far this seems to be working nicely internally.

The Challenge: Client Feedback
When a project is ready for feedback we create a new document and invite the client to that document. Inside the document are key project details, timeline, etc. We also create a feedback table where a client can create a request. The request row is created with similar fields to the team task structure. One issue is that the client requests become isolated to that document and aren’t pulled into the overall team task table. This leaves the team constantly checking to see if there’s requests in the docs and then updating statuses there. How could we pull a client request into the overall team task document without having the client see internal tasks or other project tasks? How could 2 way work be created so that having a team member update a client request inside the overall team table is then reflected within the client’s doc playground?

Thank you for the feedback on this !

Hi Tom !

I think you could have done that with some automations but since the release of embed pages you have a simpler option to do that.

You can create a specific page for the client on your internal doc and you embed this page on your client doc.

I hope this helps but if you need more infos do not hesitate to send me an email, I have done something similar, not for client access but for internal confidentiality purpose (some employees can only interact with some phases of a project but doesn’t see the detailed infos of the project like the price etc.).

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