Template to track shipments from warehouse to warehouse

Hi Guys! Im trying to make a shipment tracking system to track the shipments between warehouses. It should generate a shipment in one warehouse with WH of origin and WH of destination and status.

This 3 attributes + Order number should be automated to show up in the WH of destination profile so to check if it has arrived. If it has, it should be able to change status to received and this be automated to update the status in the Warehouse of origin.

Its there a template or could you show me the way to achieve this?

Thank you guys!!!

Hello @Sarkany_Dreamstore and welcome!

I created a sample doc to help get you started:

A few things you’ll want to take a look at:

  • The dashboard uses a control so you can look at one warehouse at a time and to control how the buttons and coloring works based on the selected warehouse
  • The two additional sections serve to house the two core datasets you discuss above, warehouses and shipments
  • The “Item Arrived” button on the dashboard moves the item from its origin to destination location

Hope that helps give you an idea of how you can start building this, thanks!

Thanks Bobby! Its great!! its almost what I was looking for. Each order has a barcode, and my idea is receiving and creating shipments with barcode. So I make a section for Shipment reception and every order number introduced depending on the WH of Origin and the WH of Destination updates a order status. If the barcode is scanned in an WH of destination updates de order in the WH of Origin and marks it as Received, if the order is created in a WH of origin it creates a Pending order in the WH of destination.

I cant figure out the way to solve this updating issue,

Thanks for the template!!