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We are a company that import products from overseas via shipping containers. We are currently working on being able to automatically send emails to our customers over a period of time, to update customers periodically saying goods are due to arrive in xx amount of weeks.

We have set up an email template for 8, 6, 4, and 2 weeks away. Not sure how it would work (maybe with automation), but we would love to be able to press a button and depending on the date that the “Container Left” it would press another button to send an email to say it is 8 weeks away. Then two weeks later, it would press anther button to say it is 6 weeks away.

Ideally we would like to press a button and it would begin the sequence to email all customers in that container.

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I am not in circumstances to be able to assign much time, but for sure it’s possible and recommend the below article to get you on the way:

Depending on your experience / background you might face some challenges to overcome. You might find a solution in the community and otherwise continue to ask for support.

Secondly: take small steps to get the feeling of it, if you manage for 42 days (6 weeks), to make it for 21 days ( 3 weeks) easy.

From experience, nothing happens always as scheduled, so it might be that you need also to build in an option in case of delay

Although it’s far for ready, please find embedded what I started to play with:

Some more links that might come handy:

@Jean_Pierre_Traets, thanks for looking into this. But it wasn’t quite what I needed.
I have been able to get this working with some help from Coda Support and have updated my file.
So here is how it works.
It starts with the “container left” date, and I added some more columns to reflect the dates that the emails will be sent. In those new columns I added a formula saying (Container left date + 4), so 4 days after the container has left clients will be sent an email.
The in the button which will send the email I made the “Disable” have a rule that if (Today() is not equal to the email send date). This would mean that it will only be available to send the email if Today is the same say as the email send date.
Then finally I added a master button to press all the buttons and setup an automation to press it every day at a particualar time, and only the active buttons will be pressed.

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Dear @Adrian_Matejko,

Glad that you came to this solution.

Thank you taking the time to post the solution for others to learn :handshake: