Workflows with Delays

I want to create workflows that may takes days to complete (for instance, an email sequence).

I know automations can run quickly, but I want to make a workflow more like a CRM would have.

Any ideas?

Hi Craig,

I have built an approval workflow for my company

The button that sends a mail contains a runActions() that updates some statuses, and then sends an email. The body of the email contains a link to the row needing approval. That link opens a window, showing the next approver’s button.


This will probably help! The first YouTube video I ever posted.

Essentially, you define the ways you want the actions to happen (custom delays)

Then, run an automation every single day but just set a condition in your automation to NOT run if the days date is not in your table

Trying to give as much help as I can, but your initial ask is a little short on context. If you give more context I’m happy to give more direction!

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That is smart! All the direction I need!

Thank you, Scott!

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