Templates and Packs

If you share a template that uses a pack, does Coda require that the new user add the pack separately to their version of the template? For example, if I share a template with a gmail automation, does the person using the template have to add the gmail pack in order to use the automation on the template? Thanks!

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Hi @SIMG_ADMIN - I’m happy to report the answer is “no”! As long as the person using the template (or copying a doc) has access to the Pack then it will automatically come along with the doc. If they don’t have access to the Pack then they’ll get a message after they use the template telling them such, and allowing them to uninstall the “ghost” Pack.


And if it’s a Pack like Gmail that requires user authentication, it will prompt them to put in their credentials (I forget when… maybe on doc copy? and when they try to take a Pack action?)