Thanksgiving Meal Planner - For Collaborative Feast Cooking

Hi everyone,

In the lead up to Thanksgiving this year, I decided to publish my Thanksgiving Meal Planner doc. I originally made this doc 2 years ago but just remembered this year to publish it.

If you or someone you know is organizing a large feast meal (like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Diwali etc. dinner) and you’re going to have a lot of cooks in the kitchen (sorry, couldn’t resist!), this doc helps you coordinate the creative culinary process including

  1. The Dishes
  2. The Contributors (Chefs, Sous Chefs, Dishwashers etc)
  3. When each dish needs kitchen resources like the oven, stove and counter space for prep.

I hope this helps! My family & friends all love cooking together so if you have best practices, would love to hear them as well.


Thanks for putting this together! I’ll be using it to help plan Thanksgiving with my friends.