"The following column is formulaic and cannot have its values modified: "

Attention developers! A sudden bug has been detected in some workspaces, which appears on different accounts. The bug is related to the fact that the settings of linked relations have been reversed.

Where a realtion should be assigned manually, it now displays data by formula, and where a relation should display data by formula, it is presented as a relation with manual selection.

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Dear @Tamerlan_Kagarmanov

I see in your screensot an icon in front of the table name “Estimated costing”.
I am NOT saying that this causes the problem, but at least I would avoid this “fancy” dressing.

The reason why I have the argument is that I personally have faced issues with using table names in Cyrilic - Bulgarian and stopped doing so.

Yeah, I understand your concerns. I’ll take it into account) If we’re talking concretely about this bug, it appeared in the bases without emoji in the name. But it would be strange from the developers’ side to allow the use of emoji if it causes bugs.

I just used some emoticons and Chinese characters in the table name and it seems to work fine (just bit harder to find your table in CFL if it stats with a Chines character :slight_smile: )

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Yes, you are right about that) When there is an emoji at the beginning of the name - it makes it difficult to find the right database. I made these sacrifices for the sake of aesthetics) The client liked it better, and I was ready to accept the inconvenience as a developer.

:bulb: Therefore keep the main table naming easy for in the formula and put in the views according your likes

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