The given domain <domain> does not resolve to a public IP

Hi - I’m receiving the following error.

Error while finalizing pack version: {
  statusCode: 400,
  statusMessage: 'Bad Request',
  message: 'Pack metadata failed validation.',
  codaType: 'PackInvalid',
  codaDetail: {
    validationErrors: [
        path: 'metadata.networkDomains[0]',
        message: 'The given domain does not resolve to a public IP.'

I wasn’t able to do or I was only able to successfully pack the pack when I used the full URL which is frustrating because I want to have multiple pipedream endpoints set up and, if I understand correctly, the domain limit would inhibit me from doing that in this case.

Is there any reason why the domain has to resolve to an IP at publish time?

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Hi @Christian_Rodriguez3 - I’m not sure why we check that the domain must resolve to an IP, that’s something I’ll have to dig into with the team in the new year. In the mean time we should be manually able to grant your Pack access to, bypassing the IP check. What is the ID the Pack you are building?