Time Tracker with Subcategories

Hey guys!

I’m new to Coda and am trying to figure out how to adjust this Time Tracker template to be able to do the following:

  • Include a manual duration section where I can override the “Clock In/Clock Out” function if I left a timer running or need to add an additional time entry later on without needing to run the timer
  • Include subcategories to the Main Category so I can break times down into what project it’s for and what task I’m doing within it
  • Make a Reports section to show how much time each task in a project took

Any suggestions are welcome!
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Erin

Not based on this templated and I created long before this template was available but does exactly what you need. I created in a way that it could be used as very minimalistic view on the desktop. Follow the instructions on how to create a shortcut on your desktop with Chrome and it could stand on the side of your other browsers.


Wow this is awesome!! Thanks so much Stefan! This has everything that I wanted :slight_smile:

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