Toggling between work and personal accounts

How can I do this without having to sign out and sign in constantly?

Two browsers. I use chrome for my main account and safari for my less used account

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You can also create and use to different profiles within Chrome.


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I use the two browser method as well.
I use Chrome for all my work SaaS accounts (Coda, Airtable, Make, etc.), and FireFox for my personal accounts for the exact same SaaS services.

Seeing the different browser icons helps orient me—am I doing this for work or for me.

I also don’t log into services as other people, so I don’t have to juggle more than my two (or in some cases three) accounts per service. When I need to use my third account, I usually use a third browser or a private / incognito window.

I have a much harder time dealing with multiple accounts in apps on my mobile devices. In practice, I just don’t switch accounts on my mobile devices. When really pressed, I’ve used the browser version on my phone or manually switched accounts in the app. But it is a pain, even with my password manager right there on my phone.

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