Tracking progress through a physical therapy program


I created this document to track progress through a physical therapy program. The idea was to

  • create a table with all activities prescribed by a physical therapist
  • use that as a lookup to create a daily program
  • automatically track progress through the program in a given day
  • log progress through the program over time
  • automatically create timers where needed to keep track of reps, etc.

I welcome feedback or questions. There is undoubtedly lots of room for improvement as I focused more on getting something to work vs elegance or design. I’m always interested in ideas on how to do things better / easier with an improved interface.


PT Log


Hey @Ben_Matteo, this is a great template! I went through ACL reconstructive surgery a few years ago and wish I had something like this to help me with the recovery process. I would love to re-format the template a little bit and see if we can publish it in our public gallery with your permission.

A few high-level questions on my end:

  • Do you envision this tool being used by you and your patient?
  • What other tools or apps were you using before to help your patients with their exercises? I assume there is no shortage of custom mobile apps for physios to help their patients.
  • Logging notes (as a patient) seems like a big feature that would help the physio understand more about how the patient felt during an exercise. Are there any structured indicators that you would like to track? For instance, during my recovery process I would typically log how much weight I did, pain on scale 1-10, etc.
  • The log you added also seems really important. Have you experimented with adding charts to plot out your patient’s progress on a certain protocol you’ve prescribed?

Looking forward to working with you on this tool!