I'm trying to make a doc that helps you see your growth on individual goals over time

Okay, so here is what I have so far.

I’m building a Counseling service where we help imaginitive people have more motivation and accomplish their goals- through Dungeons and Dragons.

It’s great, and I can tell you all about it, and if you want to join a test group I would love it. Email me at jrileymurdock@gmail.com with the “Hero’s leap” in the subject line.

But creating this thing is hard for me, but simple for any of you.

Each day our clients will click a button that says how they did on today’s goals, either “I did it +1”, “I did amazing today +2”, or "I didn’t do it. (-.33) (rounding to zero decimal places.

I figured out how to create a table that shows the average of these choices over time. But what I want is a little bit different. Users will have 3 goals that correlate to 3 character attributes- for example, I want to be a better parent, so I gave myself the attribute or skill: Beast Taming.

What I want is when the user clicks on the button that it uses a formula to add +1, or +2, or -.3 to the connected attributes. That way over time, I’ll see my ‘Beast Taming’ abilty improve over time. It should be easy, I just don’t know how.

Thanks in advance!

Hello there @Riley_Murdock
Check out this Coda doc to see if it meets your needs.
I made a few changes to your doc, the main one is adding a Goals table so you can add whichever goals you want and add a sentiment to them individually, so the sentiments table has a new column to link to the Goal.
Also added the progress column which adds all the sentiments and in each row in sentiment tracker table is calculated the progress by adding all of them that came before it that matches the current goal.
(the doc is filtered by user so start by adding goals and the click the track your progress button)


HI Saul!
thanks so much for taking a look at this, and making some changes. I don’t totally understand what you did- I’m still really new to Coda. It’s not quite what I need, but definitely better. I hired someone on Fiver to take a look at it- (but I’m only paying them 30 bucks, so I don’t know how much I can really ask for- it was 30 or 150, and 150 feels like a lot right now for where I am).

Each person will have 3 goals they check in on each day, so I want that visible, so they can just whip out their phone, and punch 3 buttons on how they did (one button for each goal), and type in their thoughts if they want. (some people like that). Then the daily progress is like gaining experience for a video game character. the +1, +2 or -.33 is experience level and people will see their base levels advance over time. so in a week, you could advance 7-9 points relatively easily.

Anyway, that’s my goal. I hope something like this will make working toward individual and group goals more fun and more effective.

Do you have any suggestions?