Goal Tracker - suggestions welcome!

I made a goal tracker! :raised_hands:

I have larger goals for the semester, and smaller goals for each week, in order to reach the larger goals. I did all the math/planning in one section of the doc here:

After that, I made the actual tracker, which is shown in the gif. Basically, I add what I did that week, and if I did enough, it turns green. It also automatically adds what I did to the “Goal Tracker” section at the top, where I can see all my progress.

I know this isn’t fancy, but I think it is a good base. Once Coda has buttons, I am going to add a way to easily + 1 for any goal. Then it will be very app-like :smiley:

If anybody has any suggestions on how to improve this, I am all ears :ear:


If you’re just counting integers, you could use the slider feature to increase the counts instead of typing numbers. You could also use the traditional database approach where you add a new “swift” row somewhere in a hidden table and it is counted by a formula in your main table (with each new row automatically incrementing the count).

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Ooh, I love the sliders idea! That would help to show what the end goal is.