Transfer "Ultimate brain" or similar to CODA

Hi guys
i used to work with Notion and Ultimate Brane (template) is there something similar in CODA ?

Could you explain what ultimate brain is, and what you want to do with it in Coda?

I built a very simple Second Brain template here: AI Second Brain V1.3

If you want help modifying it to fit your setup. I’m happy to help!

Hello and thanks for the replies
I use for more that 3 years the “ultimate brain” template with notion
I wouldn’t put a link here as I dont know if is appropriate with community rules - but probably you know it.
It is a bit complicated but thought the years I stored many informations.
So I would like to have something similar (PARA method)
@Harry_Roper is there any demo of your’s ?


Hi Nikos,

Have you looked in the gallery for examples?

The gallery also contains a pack that will let you integrate to Notion. It also contains a two-directional sync that is in Beta.

If you type /notion on a page, you will be directed to a youtube instruction video on how to import your Notion workspace into Coda.

Finally, you can build your own Coda doc, either from scratch, using @Harry_Roper’s template, or a copy of my doc called Integrated Thinking Environment.

This document is tool agnostic, so whether you want to use Zettlekasten, PARA or a combination of those or other methodologies, they should fit in. This is currently more for my personal use, but feel free to make a copy. There are buttons to delete the entries in the dbThoughts and luTagx tables.

Welcome to Coda, you will find that there are a very large number of people that have moved from Notion to Coda.

Rambling Pete

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